MEMSIC launch the first omnipolar Hall switch

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MEMSIC officially launch its first omnipolar Hall sensor chip MHA100KN. It has the advantages of ultra-low power, ultra-wide input voltage range, small size package, and accurate switch control. It can be widely used in TWS, notebook , smart wearable devices, smart meters, switches and other applications.

The MHA100KN uses a low-power CMOS process with integrated Hall sensor elements in a single chip. The chip has built-in sensitivity compensation, and has excellent temperature compensation characteristics, so that the chip can maintain good performance and consistency in the environment of -45 ~ 85 ℃.

The typical value of MHA100KN working current is 2.5uA, which can meet the requirement of long standby time of terminal equipment. Using DFN4 package, 1.0x1.4x0.37mm, the smaller package size provides convenience for the structural design of the terminal equipment. The operating voltage is 1.65~5.5V to ensure that the charging voltage is still unstable when it can still work normally. The small hysteresis window ensures that the opening and closing detection windows overlap. Full pole operation, free choice of N pole and S pole output.
Typical application scenarios include: detecting the opening and closing of the TWS headset charging compartment cover, detecting whether the headset is placed in the correct position in the charging compartment, and detecting the opening and closing status of the laptop screen.
As a leading MEMS sensor supplier in China, MEMSIC has 15 years of deep accumulation in the field of magnetic sensor technology. The introduction of MHA100KN has further enriched the magnetic sensor product line. MEMSIC has long been committed to providing a full range of solutions for more customers, and this new product launch has once again fulfilled this commitment.

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