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MEMSIC Announces strong business performance in the first half of 2021 with record shipments

Time:2021-08-10 Views:

August9, 2021 - MEMSIC, the world's leading MEMS productscompany, announces strong business performance in the first half of 2021with record shipments.


Inthe first half of 2021, the shipments of MEMSIC products hit new highsrepeatedly, mainly due to the steady growth of Chinese customers' share, andlarge shipments from major customers in North American and European markets.The demand for Magnetometer and Accelerometer sensors is strong, and themonthly shipments continue to grow, doubling in monthly shipments. Thequarterly shipments exceeded more than 100 million units.


MEMSIC'sgrowth is due to a series of strategic layouts outlined in2020. On one hand, we are expanding the research and development of newproducts in emerging markets. On the otherhand, MEMSIC targets the developmentof North American and European customers. In 2020, MEMSIC successfully enteredthe capacitive sensors field market. In 2021, MEMSIC will continue to invest in emerging marketsand capitalize on new market opportunities by enteringthe TWS earphone and wearable tablet market. MEMSIC successfullylaunched a new generation of ultra-low power Magnetometer and Hall sensors. Inaddition, leading North American and European customers have increased their demand,and now contribute to a large portion of MEMSIC overall shipments.  The continued strong demand for local brandsin China is also another reason for our record shipments this year.


"Since2020, the company's three-year strategy has been implemented, with independentinnovation and inorganic development, which has been proved correct bypractice, and we have seen initial results," said Dr. Charlie Zhi, CEO, “Thefundamentals and competitiveness of MEMSIC have changed fundamentally. In thenext year or two, there will be more surprises with the in-depth implementationof this strategy."


SamLu, Vice President of Product and Sales, said, "In the first half of 2021,our sales revenue grew 158% year-over-year, and we areconfident of continuing our strong business growth in the second half. AMR magnetometerproducts MMC5603NJ, capacitive accelerometer MC3416/MC3419, and thermalaccelerometer MC4005XC have become key players in the smartphone and IoTmarkets. In the future, we will continue to develop new products, enteremerging markets, and maintain close and long-term cooperation with partners toachieve win-win results."




MEMSIC Semiconductor is a world-leading IC product company, mainly engaged in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System)sensorR&D, manufacturing and sales, providing “one-stop” sensor solutions of MEMSsensor chip, software algorithm and applications. MEMSIC now realizeslarge-scale production of world’s most exclusive thermal accelerometer, AMRgeomagnetic sensor, capacitive accelerometer, and micropower Hall Switch, thatare widely applied to different fields such as automobile, industrial, medical,wearable, smart home, and consumer electronics.

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