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MEMSIC announces new worldwide corporate identity strategy and updated logo

Time:2021-09-24 Views:

September 24th, 2021 - MEMSIC, one of the world's leading IC product companies, announces that it officially launched a new worldwide corporate identity strategy and updated logo.

At the beginning of 2020, MEMSIC was divided into a new independent company, which opened a new chapter in its history. Since 2020, MEMSIC, with a brand-new image in the semiconductor industry, has introduced a new management team, planned a new vision, established and implemented a new strategic roadmap, introduced new outstanding talents, integrated development of new technologies, and completed billions of yuan of financing.


?  In 2020, MEMSIC completed the breakthrough of capacitive sensor technology and became the domestic capacitive accelerometer leader

?  In 2020, the shipments of MEMSIC magnetometer products ranked top two in the world

?  In 2021, MEMSIC entered the TWS headset and wearable tablet market, successfully launching a new generation of ultra-low power magnetometers and hall sensors

?  In 2021, MEMSIC’s AMR magnetometers, capacitive accelerometers, and thermal accelerometers dominated the smartphone and IoT markets

?  In 2021, MEMSIC’s sales revenue hit new highs, with a year-on-year growth of 158%

Looking back on the history, MEMSIC, with over 20 years of development, has laid a solid technological foundation. Now the new MEMSIC is running forward with vigor and vitality, to open the future and create new milestones!

Dr. Charlie Zhi, CEO of MEMSIC said, "MEMSIC began its strategic upgrading in 2020, including broadening of product lines and deepening of IDM model. In the past year, MEMSIC has entered a period of rapid development. Now, MEMSIC has become a new MEMSIC with a new mission and a bigger dream. Under the guidance of the strategic direction of "independent innovation + inorganic development", MEMSIC is determined to become an IDM and unicorn enterprise in the MEMS industry in China and worldwide. We hope that through this brand image upgrade, we can truly show the new style of innovation, inclusiveness and ambition, and walk in the forefront of the world."

MEMSIC new logo interpretation:


The new logo uses a brighter and more technological green, making it simpler and more modern. The rounded fonts show the integration of MEMSIC with the world and all things. The new logo is dynamic and meaningful, which perfectly interprets the vision of MEMSIC: Sensing the world, be the transmitter of digital and physical world.

The letter S in the Logo is given three meanings:

?   First, S is the initial letter of Sensor, which stands for the main product of MEMSIC.

?   Secondly, S stands for plural, which means infinite possibilities, symbolizing that MEMSIC sensors are not only rich in categories, but also can create infinite possibilities.

?   Finally, the letter S is also an abstract figure of a chain, representing connection, implying that MEMSIC is the connection of all sentient things between the physical and digital world.


MEMSIC Semiconductor is a world-leading IC product company, mainly engaged in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System)sensor R&D, manufacturing and sales, providing “one-stop” sensor solutions of MEMS sensor chip, software algorithm and applications. MEMSIC now realizes large-scale production of world’s most exclusive thermal accelerometer, AMR geomagnetic sensor, capacitive accelerometer, and micropower Hall Switch, that are widely applied to different fields such as automobile, industrial, medical, wearable, smart home, and consumer electronics.

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